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Our first priority is the health and well-being of our bees; Apex Bee Company is always-


"Bee-Friendly, Bee-Healthy"


Now accepting orders for 2019 Packages and Nucs!


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We will be making two trips to Georgia for packages this spring. Currently our pick up dates are April 23rd and May 7th. The packages will be here ready for distribution on the following dates:


April 25th-27th

May 9th-11th









Go to our Honey Bee Facts page and check out the great new pictures downloaded from the Vita Gallery. Scroll to the bottom and click on the individual pictures to enlarge them.

Honey- The Better Carb, It's Bee-licious!

Apex Bee Company, LLC.

This is how we started in 2011


We are a family owned and operated apicultural business based in Central Maryland specializing in local chemical free beekeeping. We sell locally harvested raw* honey, 3lb honey bee packages, 5-frame nucs, and specialty beekeeping products. Contact us for local raw honey , general beekeeping information, or swarm removal needs.



Local honey bees are in trouble and could use your help. Please click on the Honey Bee Restoration Project (HRP) link and check out the options offered by this unique honey bee and habitat restoration project.  Follow the link for Pesticide Watch to stay abreast of the effects of modern pesticides on our local pollinators.



* Raw honey is not heated and only lightly strained to preserve it’s natural goodness and inherent health benefits.


Click here to see how Raw Honey differs from highly processed honey

Please note that the pictures in above article are deceiving. The top picture on the first page is actually crystallized honey. All honey is in liquid form when extracted.


A portion of our honey sales proceeds are donated for breast cancer research and to the St Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Click on the PDF link below for more information on the health benefits of local raw honey and hive products.

Honey 4 Health
Honey and Your Health Rev A.pdf
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We will be closed for inventory and maintenance June 29th-July 12th, September 3rd & 17th and December 23rd-Jan 3rd.

Americans consume about 500 million pounds of honey per year. Domestic beekeepers only produce about 150 million pounds. What does this mean? ~70% of the honey you consume is imported! Check your Labels!


If you don’t know your beekeeper, you don't know what is in your honey!


Support your Domestic Beekeepers and American Farmers!


Buy Domestic Honey!


Dutch White Clover

Considered a weed by many, this plant is an excellent source of nectar and pollen for honey bees.  Do them a favor and don't eradicate it from your lawn.


One hive on one acre of clover can produce 100 pounds of surplus honey in a marginal year.  In a good year that hive can produce 300 pounds of surplus honey.

She is still hungry
Feeding Nucs using Bee-Grate Top Feeders
Yard Feeder- holds 4.3 gallons. 10 hives can empty it in 1 day
White Pine needle smoke...the best!

Where to Find Us:

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PO Box 7463

Baltimore, MD 21227

Phone: 410.404.1968


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Honey Bee with Pollen
Worker Bees On Inner Cover
Yard Work
Hive Inspection
Local Raw Honey
Bee-Grate 70G Feeder
Bee-Grate Feeder on Nucs with Honey-B-Healthy
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